What Affects My Health?

Why does the way I sit, sleep and stand affect my health?

Oh yes, you read that right…the way we sit on our chairs and couches, the shoes we have and the beds and pillows ALL affect our health and the shape of our spines (posture) and hence the way our bodies function.

How long do you sit in a day?

Honestly if you worked it out it would be about 8-10 hours. Sitting is not a natural position for the body and in fact most office chairs are designed in a way that they push your head forwards- that big bump on the back of your neck? -not what you want when you catch yourself in the mirror or shop window.

Forward head carriage is also related to headaches, shorter breath, heart problems, low immune system, brain fog and slower metabolism. Less health!

The shoes we choose to wear also create some issues.

Ladies and high heels- YOU know you don’t feel good after a day in your stilettos. Running shoes have great big supports and are built up to the max- were we intended to wear shoes in the first place? Pavements and roads are hard unnatural surfaces we now have to deal with.

25 % of your skeleton is in your foot!!!

We must protect our feet so they don’t end up looking like our shoes and not working properly to hold the body upright and move around. Arch problems, bunions, calluses,  shin splints, cramping in the feet can all be made worse by foot wear. The ultimate cause comes from the spine. If you want to know more about this- call us 02087805656 to book a FREE 15 minute consult with an ABC practitioner.


Beds: we spend 6-8 hours a day in our beds. That is 248, 200 hours in a lifetime. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to invest some money into a good bed? What is a good bed? The HARDER the better and absolutely no memory foam.

If you want to know more about Sit, Sleep and Standing for a healthy body, please join us at Spirohealth, Putney- every 3rd Wednesday at 7:15pm for a FREE concise seminar. Everyone is welcome. Please call reception 02087805656 for bookings.


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