What are 5 tell tale signs you need postural correction

When do you know you need some help with your posture? ie postural correction

  1. You have rounded shoulders with a bump at the back of your neck: you catch yourself in the reflection of a shop window and you look like a real old person’s posture! Hunched over. You wear your hair down/collared shirts to cover the bump at the back of your neck.

  2. You walk looking down at the ground and it doesn’t feel comfortable to look straight ahead or even up at the sky.

  3. You roll your shoulders back to where you would like them to be (you can’t hold that position for long) and keep your head upright, this causes pain in your mid back and lower back.

  4. You are always very stiff from getting up off a chair or your coach at home. It take you a a while to straighten up with a few moans and groans.

  5. You cannot get comfortable in your bed. You fight with your pillow and toss and turn for a very restless sleep

What does postural correction mean? Here is a great article for you to know more about how it works.

postural correction
Beverley – Before & After

Check out this change to the left. No weight loss either. Tummy tucked away nicely after her lower back was fixed up with a whole body treatment.

This is what we are passionate about at Spirohealth. We correct posture using a fairly new ground breaking technique called ABC

You can book in here for a FREE discovery session with one of our Advanced Postural Specialist team members


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