What do you want for your health?

2 years ago i had to have a procedure in hospital following a missed miscarriage. A challenging time for me and my family but we came out the other side stronger and more conscious as you often do following adversity.

As i sat in my hospital cubicle i got thinking about health and even a little about death. This is the view i had in the picture. health

I thought about my late Dad, who went into hospital for 6 weeks and never came out. He had leukaemia. This is what he died seeing. He never walked on green grass again, never felt the rain or the sun on his face. That was it.

What do YOU want for your health?

We take it for advantage until it’s gone. We ignore the signs and messages that our body is giving us that something is wrong.

It might be a skin rash/acne, headaches, weight gain/loss, poor sleep, indigestion, poor energy levels/fatigue, back ache, jaw clenching and so much more. We pop pills to mask them but does this really help?

Once again…the only way the body has to tell you something is going on is to give you signs and symptoms. Do not ignore them. With time they compound and getting back to a stable point again may take you longer and at more expense of money and time. And you may not be able to get better at all.

When people get terminal diagnosis they spend ALL their money trying to get back to health. Travel the world, see all the best specialists, take the best supplements.

SPEND the money NOW!

Eat organic, go for the check ups, take the holidays, take the supplements, do the exercise, get the right health professionals to guide you to living the healthiest life possible- no one is going to remember how many late nights you spent at work or on your laptop.

We at Spirohealth are committed to serving families. Educating you all about your nervous system, how it works and your health overall.

You are very welcome for a complementary Discovery session with one of our Advanced ABC team to learn more about your posture and your health anytime



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