Gym goer: ‘How can I protect my back?’

What to do? What not to do? Here is how your spine works- it has curves, we need these to absorb shock as we jump and walk around. We have many muscles that move us around and help to self correct bones that go out of place from repetitive poor posture everyday (sitting at your computer), flights, pillows, shoes and trauma. This is the kicker: THERE ARE NO MUSCLES TO SELF CORRECT BONES THAT ARE STUCK FORWARD!!! This is the reason why we slump.

Feel the burn!!!

The gym and weight training in particular push us forwards. Think big body builder guy- head stuck forward and arms by his ears. I am certainly not going to tell you to stop weight training and going to the gym. I love this lifestyle myself and the benefits far out way the negatives BUT it does mean you should be aware of when you could prevent problems for yourself. MY TOP 4 tips 1. DO NOT push too heavy! Keep the form. This is especially in shoulder and chest press- your head is forward already. 2. DO NOT squat with bar behind your neck– goblet squats, hack squats, leg press or free weights are best. If you simply have to- get a check up asap with your ABC doc as you will look like the hunch back of Notre Dame soon. 3. Make sure you have the right footwear– no insoles/orthotics, minimal as possible. 4. Kettle bells are a NO for protecting your back! Get a check up with an ABC doc asap so you can push heavier and recover faster- true story. Loving and leaving you but please post any questions or comments below Yours in gratitude, Natalie

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