What i learnt from my 10 month old baby

Children teach us a lot of things don’t they?

My 10 month old daughter Brooke amazes me everyday, but the one thing recently that has stood out to me in terms of self development stuff, which i absolutely love because of my life coaching background, is how she is so aware of all her achievements, no matter how BIG or how small they are. And better yet she congratulates herself every step of the way.

The example i use is Brooke climbing the stairs. We have 11 stairs to climb and after every 3-4 she looks down to see how far she has come with a BIG smile on her face and she claps her little hands so proudly, it’s too sweet. Obviously i am there to guide her and cheer her on.

It’s all to often that we get so busy with life and forget to step back and see the bigger picture and how far we have actually come down our unique path of life. And give ourselves some credit for what we have completed/achieved thus far. I work with so many people who are blind to the talents and skills they have that other don’t because it comes all to naturally and easily to them, it doesn’t feel like they have worked to do it? If that makes sense to some of you, you will know exactly what i mean. An example here is organisation- i write and plan everything in my journal everyday. I have been asked so many times about how do i do it? How do you come up with a plan/strategy? It comes so easy to me.

When we have a big idea, a goal, a vision for how we would like our life to be, sometimes we overthink getting there so much we have ‘paralysis analysis’ and we don’t even take the first step through fear of failure or doubt in our abilities to get there. We don’t even start! Just do it! To take the first step, you do not have to see the whole staircase.

Also when we are on our way to getting what we really want we don’t read the street signs in front of us. If we were heading to London Central (our goal/dream) from Putney (our starting point), we would cross Putney bridge into Fulham, Chelsea and South Kensington (our stepping stones to our goal/dream) and so on. So if we were seeing signs for Southfields, Wimbledon, Raynes Park- we would be off course! We turn around immediately and don’t waste time heading in the wrong direction. Why when we feel off course from our goals/dreams so many of us keep going in that direction.


Because we are comfortable, because we are fearful of change, because we are running stories and belief systems that do not serve us? It could be so many things. I am here to help you if this is what you are looking for help in. Book in a 30 minute free coaching session and we can find out what it is for you.

So thank you dear Brooke for reminding me of this important part of living, which is celebrating our small goals that lead to our BIG ones.

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10 month old
Brooke 2 weeks old

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