Specialist answers:What is CORRECT posture?

Such a frequent question when I am out and about at events on posture,


Are your shoulders back and boobs out? Stomach in?

posture correction
SUCCESS!!! 1 adjustment-Tummy pouch gone, head back. Spirohealth results speak for themselves.

The truth is you SHOULDN’T BE THINKING ABOUT IT!!! For you to have to think about doing these things- you are working hard, using energy. We are designed to conserve energy at all costs. You will be using muscles to hold you upright- try doing that for 14 hour days at the computer. This is why your children slump too.

So what does this all mean?

The curves in your spine and the positon of your bones should keep you upright with NO effort. If they are out of place in a direction the body cannot fix (forward) you will continue to slump when fully relaxed. Think hunchback of Notre Dame.

You will breathe shallower, digest slower and have brain fog. This has HUGE impact on your productivity and general health and wellbeing.

If you keen to know more about this- it’s my favourite subject and we have FREE educational classes every 3 weeks at Spirohealth.

Keep it real ABC style

Dr Natalie


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