What is mechanical injury?

As written by Dr Jesse Jutkowitz in 1992

A mechanical injury results when bone misaligns in a way that the body cannot self correct.

This happens because the body does not have a muscle pulling in the direction needed to correct the misalignment. If you do have a muscle that can self correct  a misalignment there is no injury unless the bone breaks. This is a relatively new discovery in health acre, ABC practitioners  can correct any problems not caused by cancer, infections, fractures and the like.

In the spine this occurs when a bone gets stuck forward. This is known as a primary biomechanical pathology or PBP.

Because the body cannot self correct the positions of these bones it must compensate by twisting up and turning, literally like a spring and locking up. The problem is made worse by further injuries that also compensate and lock you up.

This creates layers of injury compensations, one on top of the other, which causes more twists, turns and lock ups until you are too wound up to compensate anymore. This is usually when you experience a health or body problem that floors you or puts you in the hospital. The straw that broke the camel’s back as it were.

What can we do about it?

Our team is dedicated to finding and correcting the bones you cannot fix yourself, hence you unwind and unlock all your twists and turns. You not only feel better but your nervous system communication improves and your health goes up over time. WIN WIN!

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