On your visit to Spirohealth, we aim to make you feel completely relaxed and welcome!

Your First Visit

On arriving, you will be greeted with a friendly community vibe and a fun atmosphere.


One of our chiropractic assistants will invite you to sit down and then explain to you the paperwork needed to be filled out. On completion of the paperwork, you will be introduced to your chiropractor.

We’d be delighted if you would print and complete your paperwork prior to your visit by clicking:

Your ABC specialist will show you to the initial consultation room where they will chat with you about your reason for visiting and clarify your full case history. Once the discussion is over, the chiropractor will run you through a series of light physical tests and take some postural photos.

We do not give you any treatment on your initial visit. The ABC specialist will first take the time to examine the findings and map out a treatment plan which is in line with the facts of your case.

Your first visit to Spirohealth will take approximately 45 minutes.


Your Second Visit

On your second visit to Spirohealth you will meet with your ABC specialist again and they will present to you the findings of your case. You will be shown a short informational DVD, and then your ABC specialist will explain what is wrong and how we may help you.

If you are happy with the proposed treatment plan, then we will go ahead with the first adjustment.

Ongoing Visits

We strive to provide a community feel where you can see and learn how other people are being helped. All adjusting takes place in an open area with a few tables around the room. You will get to meet people with similar issues, and see how their treatment is going.

Many of our patients learn a lot by listening to the discussions taking place in our open adjustment area. You will find it an interesting and educational environment where many people make new friends.

Our adjustments are very thorough and quick; most adjustments take place in standing position, and you are in and out of the practice within 15-20 minutes.

Long-term Care

Once your initial issue is fixed, you can choose whether ongoing ABC care is beneficial for you. We aim to offer the best advice and care based on your individual health choices.

We have found that long-term ABC care is beneficial to gaining and maintaining youthfulness throughout your lifetime. Patients who receive care on a long-term basis can experience incredible results and greatly increase their quality of life.

The choice is yours! Contact us today to get started on the road to optimal health!

Educational Resources

Aside from ABC care, Spirohealth also offers educational classes and resources for our patients. Our aim is to help motivate you to live a healthy and satisfying life.

Sitting, standing and sleeping classes take place every 3 weeks for educating our clients on how to do these activities correctly to get the most out of their care.

Spirohealth also offer advanced health classes every three months. Guest speakers will give presentations on a variety of topics related to healthy living. We work alongside other health professionals, such as coaches and nutritionists, specifically for patients who need further support in those areas.

Our weekly blog and newsletter provide useful pieces of information and advice for healthy living. Finally, healthy recipes and motivational content can be found on our Facebook page, so be sure to give it a “like”!

We hope that by using the above resources, your care at Spirohealth becomes a positive turning point in your quest for vitality!