Where is your wallet?

If you have a habit of keeping your wallet in your back pocket everyday or even every now-and-then, this quick read will be extremely helpful for you and the future of your spine!

Most people will experience an episode of some sort of back pain in their lives. Getting to the root cause can often be difficult, although the cause itself can be something simple and easily altered. Men especially, like to keep their wallet in their back pocket. Our wallets are filled with essential everyday items, meaning we carry them around all day and often spend a lot of time sitting on them. Sitting on your wallet is essentially, like putting a wedge in your back pocket wherever you go.

When your wallet causes that wedge effect, it results in a tilt in your pelvis instead of it being even. The tilt forces the spine to then compensate by bending towards the side of the tilt. After years of compensating in the spine problems begin to occur in our pelvis and lower back, it affects our posture and finally can result in pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The wallet may also compress the sciatic nerve, which can lead to pain down the back of the leg, tingling and/or numbness.

It does not have to be a chunky wallet to cause these problems, even the slightest wedge can cause a compensation in the spine. Don’t let such a simple habit, result in chronic problems later in life. Next time you put your wallet in your back pocket, think about what you’re doing and try to alter that habit. If ever you see someone whip their wallet out of their back pocket, educate them on the potential harm they may causing for themselves.

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Written by Ben Wells

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