Whiskey Tango Foxtrot- posture?

WTF? Posture correction can help my sex life and sleep?

Get your sexy back with postural alignment

I am still amazed everyday, after nearly 12 years of practice in the structural alignment world, with the results we achieve with bodies and the change it promotes in peoples lives. Some of these results cannot be clearly explained but they are 100% real.

Check these out:

  1. ‘My partner asked me if I have lost weight?’ We hear this all the time. And it’s not because you have lost weight, it’s because your body structure is not hunched over, or
    Beverley – Before & After
    Beverley – Before & After

    twisted as much, in fact you may have even gained height. This usually occurs early on in care and does not involve a change in diet or exercise. Bonus hey?

  2. ‘I am sleeping better’ The central nervous system (CNS) controls our sleep patterns, and so it makes sense that if you remove pressure or interference on the CNS your sleep improves. You fall asleep quicker, sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed.
  3. ‘Sex is better!‘ Yes, as the CNS also controls release of hormones and sexual organ function, we hear this over and over again. Women can orgasm and men can get it up! Win-win. More on erectile dysfunction here
  4. ‘I have got my voice back’ This is not only from the opera singers and actors we see,  who have a bigger range and more endurance on stage but for those who have a hoarse voice, always clearing their throats or prone to losing their voice when they are run down. Get your voice back.
  5. ‘My bra size went up’ Yes ladies, you can jump up a size. Think about being hunched over/ shoulders rolled forward, what does this do to your chest cavity and your posture? Makes it smaller and breasts drop. Change that and you have a new rack!

If you want to know more about these things or want your posture checked out contact us

Yours in gratitude,

Dr Natalie Robertson posture expert
Natalie Robertson
Advanced ABC practitioner
Life Coach


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