Why are Sit Sleep Stand classes so important?

Hi Everyone

Happy Valentines from Spirohealth

This year we’re running a special Valentines Competition here in the office- sign up a loved one to one of our complementary Sit, Sleep, Stand classes and we will enter you into the draw to win a fabulous Valentines Hamper.

But why do we all recommend this class so highly?

Purely from a layman’s point of view, I see people coming on in leaps and bounds by simply putting into every day use some of the tips they have picked up from the class. Whether it be looking at our shoes and beds, pillow height or how we sit at home and at work there really is something there that everyone can take away with them and incorporate into their daily routine. Even if you are not under regular care with one of our practitioners you will definitely be amazed at how relatively small changes in simple things can have such an impact.

For those of us having regular adjustments our Sit, Sleep, Stand is such an important part of our care to help us achieve our goals faster and to maintain that level for longer. I would honestly recommend anyone who hasn’t been to a class in a while to sign up & revisit their SSS – you could be hindering your progress if you aren’t following some simple guidelines. If you need any help or advice with your shoes, bed, pillow height etc we are all here to help, including the team at the front desk so please do ask.

I look forward to welcoming you all to the class, some upcoming dates are 19th Feb & 11th March at 7.00pm and good luck with the prize draw


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