Why do a juice cleanse?

Most people think juice cleanse for weight loss. I did it purely for my health. Give your digestive system a break, especially when you love your meat like I do. A juice cleanse does not have to be a fast. You can always eat light healthy meals along side the support of the carefully selected cold pressed  juices.

I have seen Botanic Lab grow as a company and followed their progress over the years. Their products are very high quality and the service is top drawer. Might be something to consider for January or February. Spirohealth would definitely recommend.

Other changes you may or may not feel/see during a juice cleanse to paint the full picture for you:

  1. Your metabolism slows down if you not eating during your cleanse

  2. You cannot withstand cold temperatures

  3. You might discover certain food intolerances

  4. You might feel sluggish

  5. You will drop water weight

  6. Your appetite may clam down

  7. Your breath may stink

  8. You May be light headed or lose focus

  9. You could get hangry

  10. You will miss chewing

I know this is not painting a good picture but detoxifying your body has endless benefits. You can also choose a 1 or 3 day vs a 5 or 7 day juice cleanse.

Natalie Robertson Spirohealth Director

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