Why get your newborn baby checked?

‘But why should I get my newborn checked at Spirohealth?’

Little bodies should be checked too.

This is a very common question at Spirohealth.

‘Why would my baby need a check up? Will it hurt? Is it dangerous?’

Did you know 95% of babies born are bought into this world with a misalignment. I know right! That does not leave many that are not twisted up. These stats are for natural birth and not for interventions like vontouse/forceps. Birth is a very physical process for mom and baby.

From my over 10 years of experience these twists can add to:

  • Sleeping issues
  • Colic
  • Weak immunity- glue ear, chesty coughs
  • Slow to crawl and walk
  • Poor thriving
  • Latching or eating problems
  • Skin rashes

And that is to name a few!

We are very gentle with your little bundles of joy and sometimes they do not even wake up during our session. Check out our Facebook page for videos on checking babies and this short demo here 

You can read more articles on posturepregnancy and babies or book in for you FREE baby check up with one of our Advanced team click here


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