Why should you give your mind a pit stop?

It’s been a crazy day, mind all over the shop…turns into a crazy week infact the days, weeks and months blur together and the next thing you know its a new year.

Does this sound familiar?

We strive to be our best at work- being creative, disciplined, committed, passionate. We strive to be our best at home- reliable, attentive, loving, loyal. We strive to be our best for our lives and experience the best possible moments. We do this through our mind, our most precious resource. We can think and reason. This sets us apart from other animals. But do we take time out? Give ourselves and our mind a pit stop?

Probably some blanks faces while you read this but all it takes is 10 minutes a day. TO DO NOTHING. Think about this- no eating, cooking, reading, watching tv, walking, stretching- just being. Just breathing.

Watch this 9 minute video to help you to ‘JUST BE’

Click here to watch NOW

Please contact me to get some more help and information on this.

Natalie Robertson ABC practitioner, Life Coach signing off for now



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