Why some people find exercise easier than others

Are you one of those people that finds exercise difficult?

Do you have good intentions but then just absolutely hate the thought of putting on your running shoes?

If you didn’t already know it’s good for the brain, read this interesting article here

In this talk below a social psychologist, Dr Balcetis, found out that keeping your eye on the prize and blurring out all the outside details resulted in people finding exercise easier and that even exerted themselves more with less perceived effort.

Bonus right?

We don’t see things through our eyes. We see things through ours mind’s eye. We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Eg. A dieter sees an apple as being larger than a non dieter.

A hill seems more steep when we have just exercised.

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Natalie Robertson
Advanced ABC practitioner
Life Coach

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