Why we do what we do at Spirohealth

What is my why? We talk about this a lot at Spirohealth. Only 4% of the world ask themselves this question. What am I doing here? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

I have certainly learnt along the way that serving others through the portal of true health, wellbeing and balance is mine. I have experienced all sorts of things on my personal journey to guide me to this place of knowing. Can you say that you have found your ‘why’?

Here are some tips to guide you:

The clues are in your life right now

1. What do you spend most of your time doing?

2. What do you spend most of your money on?

3. What do you talk about most often with friends or colleagues?

4. What objects do you have to have around you everyday?

5. What inspires you from within? What do you do everyday that you don’t need outside motivation for?

6. What makes you feel energised?

Bianca and Stuart have shared their why for ABC. Read more about Bianca here and for Stuart click here

If you want more help and guidance on your purpose and or other aspects of your life journey please have a look at how I can help you here

Spirohealth purpose
Natalie Robertson
Advanced ABC practitioner
Life Coach


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