‘You are in a forward!’ What does this mean???

Such a common question for us at Spiro, Forward unwinding but do you REALLY know what it means?

Now that you understand ALL about ABC:

  1. the bones being stuck forward in a direction the body cannot fix
  2. the scars that develop over time because of this weak structure/ posture
  3. your twisted up pattern ‘wears’ you out and you have aches and other problemsforward unwinding


‘YOU are in a forward unwind’

You will appreciate that it has taken a looooooooong time to get as twisted as you are now.

This has involved the body going right, back, left forward, left, back…..I could go on and on….

So as we release the scars and correct the bones that you cannot fix- you unwind. You literally change your structure.

When you go in a backward direction the body generally feels good/ you don’t notice too much about your body. You stand and breathe with less effort.

When you unwind and go in a forward direction- now you are revisiting an old injury position (an old kink) that your body would do SO much better without having. That is why you are here with us at Spiro unwinding- to get to the BEST you!

This position will put pressure on old injuries- so you will feel things again that may have disappeared (knee ache, shoulder, lower back, hip) It will be harder work to stand and breathe hence your energy may be a little low. Sleep can be disrupted as you cannot get comfortable. The body requires more attention and hence why when you are in a forward- we recommend coming in more often. Sometimes 2 in day if it’s a particularly BIG kink you are unwinding through.

When you get over the BIG kink- you are stronger and will function better than you have in years. Hence it’s a journey and we are on it together.

oh and you will be ULTRA sensitive to how you SIT, SLEEP and SHOES you wear.

Not sure what I mean? Need a refresher course? Come along to our educational posture seminar every 3 weeks at Spirohealth- 7:15pm Wednesday.

We are 110% committed to your health please mail me on info@spirohealth.co.uk  with any questions

With love and gratitude


forward unwinding
Natalie Robertson

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