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Talk: 30 minutes on the secrets to staying young

secrets to staying young

When: 7th March, 7:30pm

What you will discover:

  • what one thing will keep you young forever
  • the top 5 anti-aging foods
  • what exercises will keep you vibrant
  • what mindset has to do with aging and energy

Tickets £10 limited numbers

Book info@spirohealth.co.uk

All proceeds go to Battersea Cats and Dogs

Sit, Sleep, Standing Educational Seminars to help YOU get better faster and stay better for longer with us at Spirohealth.

We educate you on:

  • Sitting: what chairs are best and how to modify for best results
  • Shoes: what shoes are best to keep your body healthy
  • Beds and pillows: bed shopping can be difficult- we help you make the right decision and give you a simple formula for the right height pillow for you
  • Answer any questions you have on posture, health and wellbeing.

They usually fall on a Wednesday evening at 7:15pm for approx. 45 minutes

ALL are welcome (including non members)

Please call or email to book 02087805656, info@spirohealth.co.uk

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