Is too much screen time affecting your child’s posture?

What is screen time and how is it affecting your family? It is more than likely that the use of iPhones and iPads are affecting your child’s posture even if you limit the time they use them. There are also many other things contributing to poor posture. With children spending more and more time sitting […] Read More

Shoes that age you

Did you know these shoes could be: 1. Pushing you head forwards (causing that bump on the back of your neck) 🔽 2. Rounding and collapsing your shoulders, think Quasimodo! 🔽 3. Arching your back and adding to back and knee/hip pain. This is because they push bones in your spine forwards. We cannot fix […] Read More

Vicky talks about her ABC summer body

I remember seeing my first postural pictures, to say I was shocked would be an understatement. Ever watched ‘The Simpsons’? I remember going straight home and telling Andy that I looked like Mr Burns. No joke, I was appalled. My head and neck were so far forward and I had never even noticed. To me […] Read More

Bread free bread

Bianca Downey of Spirohealth writes: I want to share this recipe book with you, as it has some fantastic recipes for grain free, gluten free bread alternatives. I avoid gluten, however all the bread free alternatives on the market are usually composed of high carbohydrate grains, such as rice; highly refined alternative starches such as […] Read More