Dieting doesn’t work

Yoyo dieting and thinking about food ALL day long…It takes willpower, and since we know this is limited, we eventually give in to a food binge. Sound familiar to you?

I am suggesting a overhaul on your thoughts about food and eating. Conscious eating habits come to mind. Great short video here on why diets don’t work- CLICK HERE

It’s a LIFESTYLE. It involves moderation of the good stuff and a few treats along the way. The lifestyle that has changed my life is PALEO. It’s called the cave man diet by many and involves moderate protein, good fats and fibrous carbohydrates.

Have a read below of a Paleo story of a good friend and the steps she took:

  • ‘I increased the amount of vegetables in my diet, to the extent that I had vegetables in my 3 main meals – yes even for breakfast. “Veggies for breakfast?” you may ask – that’s what I thought. Scrambled eggs with spinach leaves, tomatoes and avocado, simple yet tasty and satisfying. The nutrients in fresh vegetables are so beneficial – especially when you are working out.
    •I incorporated the following for most meals: 1 x palm sized portion of protein, a large fist of vegetables and a thumb of good fats (such as avocado or olive oil)
    •I drastically reduced the amount of cheese in my diet, which was hard at first, yet I found my cheese carvings diminished after a couple of weeks.
    •As a huge coffee lover, there was no way that I was going to give up caffeine. Yet I started drinking long blacks (sometimes with a splash of full cream milk) rather than Café Lattes.
    •I avoided “fat-free” packaged food, as fat-free generally means more sugar.
    •I stopped buying canned / packaged food and started preparing meals with fresh ingredients.
    •I reduced my carb intake including bread, pasta and rice. To my horror, I was told that sushi rolls were considered a cheat meal! Nooooooo!
    •I was allowed 2 cheat meals a week (not cheat days, cheat meals). This was great when going out for dinner as I had more options to choose from. But I had to use these meals wisely.

As a result of my new food choices, I managed to lose 5 pounds in 8 weeks (despite the Christmas festivities, would you believe). In addition, I now crave fresh vegetables – who would have thought?

But the benefits don’t stop there. I now sleep better and I feel so much better. Plus, my bowel movements are regular. Woo hoo! I poop better!!! I know this may be a little too personal, however, I know so many women that have issues in this area. This is definitely a HUGE benefit of my altered eating habits.

Plus, as I am the cook in my household, my husband is also eating better and cleaner because of my meal and ingredient choices.

When I looked back at my altered food choices, I only just realised that I generally follow a paleo diet, for 90% of my meals. I clearly proved myself wrong about the “paleo fad”‘

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