Weak posture affects grey matter of your brain

Can posture affect how you use your brain? According to some research done in 2004 by Abkarian for every year of chronic pain in the lower back there is a 1.3cm loss of grey matter in the brain. The grey matter is for all sorts of nerve connections and pathways. How can this impact on […] Read More

Painful pregnancy, what is normal?

As most of our clients at Spirohealth know, my wife Becky, is pregnant. We are expecting a baby girl in December, so the due date is fast approaching. It is a super exciting time in our lives and, also, quite daunting. It’s our first baby, so we are pretty new to the experience. We have […] Read More

Pregnant? TOP 5 reasons to be aligned

I am talking to anyone who is pregnant, or knows anyone who is pregnant… I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant myself…YAY! Nearly half way and I am myself-an ABC practitioner and South African trained Chiropractor. Growing bigger and changing everyday certainly is a journey! BUT what has been MOST obvious these last 20 weeks are these […] Read More

Posture Myth #5: ‘I’ll get a better chair’

‘Sitting is the new smoking!’ I am sure your have heard or read this before. Not only does sitting put twice as much pressure on your lower back as standing does, when you are slumping, it’s even more pressure. Sitting also decreases the blood flow to the muscles that help hold us upright which tires […] Read More