Shoes that age you

Did you know these shoes could be:

1. Pushing you head forwards (causing that bump on the back of your neck) age
2. Rounding and collapsing your shoulders, think Quasimodo!
3. Arching your back and adding to back and knee/hip pain. This is because they push bones in your spine forwards. We cannot fix forward ‘stuck’ bones ourselves. That is where ABC comes in.
4. Worsening your bunions and claw toes/hammer toes.
5. Shortening your breath. We cannot breathe deeply when our spine is twisted up and our posture collapsed.
6. Increasing feeling of anxiety. When you cannot breathe well this means less oxygen into the body. This forces the body into survival mode. Poor posture also tugs on our brainstem and can trigger anxiety, brain fog and light headedness.
7. Predisposing you to injury. When your body twists up over time, it’s these patterns that wear us out. Think walking on a twisted knee for 10 years? No wonder it clicks, locks or swells up.
8. Aging you faster

Yes they may be comfortable for your feet but they wreck your posture.

Come in and see us @spirohealth and we can help you correct your twisted up spine and ease your pain. Other ABC specialists can be found on this map.

We also have events on every 3 weeks educating you and your family on what beds, pillows and shoes are good for your health. Events diary here.

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